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You too change your life:

We are independent French distributors. We are very happy with our business with herbalife and you too can go to over 90 countries around the world and make a difference. With Herbalife you can work when and where you need it. Are you your boss ! To get started, just order a starter pack from myherbalife.com with the sponsorship code and the 3 letter code. Today, we share with you this opportunity capable of changing lives.

Train yourself at your own pace:

You can train at your own pace on the site, via interactive training modules and start your activity part-time, as full-time, but above all at your own pace. Herbalife is 40 years of experience and research in nutrition. Like us, you will be able to accompany tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people in their physical transformations. With goals like losing weight, gaining muscle or simply eating healthier, diet is everyone's business. You can change their lives and in turn recruit new Distributors to your team.

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